Not knowing what to measure or where to start with paid ads shouldn’t be the thing holding you back from achieving your goals.



Whether you want to reclaim your time, increase revenue, step off the social media hamster wheel, or something else, paid ads can help you achieve your unique goals. The key? Knowing what to measure, how to interpret the data, and how to translate it into an effective ads strategy.

That's where I step in.

In an industry that loves to overcomplicate and commodify (and, let’s face it, is often more interested in making a buck than building a relationship), my mission is to be a gateway for your goals, not a gatekeeper. After years in sales, retail management, and ads management, I started TGM because I saw a Rebecca-sized gap in the market: Truly personalized ads services for online service providers. 

Just like a grove is a group of trees that shares a connected root system for support and growth, I marry the art and science of paid advertising with the power of true partnership to help your dreams flourish.

Part left-brained strategist, part right-brained creative, I bring a 360-degree approach to every project.


Amy Crane’s Ads Manager School
Measure and Maximize
Mint Insider License
Media Buying Professional Certification from Meta
Google Analytics Certification

It's like Linkedin but pretty...

Nuance + Duality

I don’t buy into black-and-white, either-or thinking. Paid ads aren’t “easy” or “hard,” they’re just nuanced. 

The TGM Brand Values

I take a heart-centered, people-first approach, which means everything I do is rooted in:



Your resources are precious. I’m committed to ensuring your time, money, and attention are well spent.


We’re building our businesses to support our lives, not the other way around, right? I’m curious about what lights you up, and how ads can help you do more of it.

I'm a big fan of working on spreadsheets and taking naps, in that order.

Speaking of human-centered, 
you should probably know…

I’m insanely proud of my daughter Aubrie, whom I gave birth to at home in a birthing tub!

I got my degree at age 28 while working full-time—big believer in chasing your dreams no matter your circumstances!


(re: use paid advertising to get more of your good work in front of the people who need it)

I’m obsessed  with helping service providers like you figure out how to pour fuel on the right fire.



“Rebecca can not only connect with you on a personal level, but she gets business. She understands the journey a client or prospect needs to come on with you to be a client for life. She is constantly honing her craft which makes working with her exciting at all times.”

Nice words + nicer results:


“If you're looking to start a FB ads campaign with a kind, honest, heart-centered ads manager, look no further than Rebecca. Working with is like having a true team member who is just as focused on the success of your business as you are.”

Nice words + nicer results:


 “I felt confused and overwhelmed, like I was missing out on data to inform my decisions. Thanks to your expertise, I now feel confident in my ability to keep track of the right data to achieve my goals!”

Nice words + nicer results:


“Working with you has been such a joy! Not only are you a Facebook™ GENIUS! You are able to ask the RIGHT questions to get the brain going! I love your approach of asking questions that lead to good marketing strategy.”

Nice words + nicer results: