Ever wish you could cut through the noise 
and speak directly to the hearts of your people?

Yeah, I thought so.

Each of my services is thoughtfully designed to unearth what makes you tick as a person and a business owner, then craft new ways to meet those needs. One-size-fits-all programs and cookie-cutter service menus?

Hard pass—let’s dig in.


  • Analytics groundwork audit (60 -90 min call) 
  • Customized dashboard build out and data tracking
  • Offboarding call to review dashboard and answer questions
  • Google Analytics installation
  • Facebook Pixel installation
  • Conversion Events setup
  • UTM Tracking Link creation
  • Spreadsheet for UTM Link recording
  • Access to the Marketing Experiments Journal and Changelog

  • Has active marketing channels to track, like a website, Instagram, or Pinterest
  • Understands that measusing their marketing is a necessary first step before they can run successful paid ads
  • Is willing and able to to iterate and experiment until they land on the right formula

Feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends, unsure of exactly what’s moving the needle in your business (and what’s not)? I gotcha. This 3 week container arms you with everything you need to break free from ambiguity and start seriously tracking your marketing efforts, so you can make data driven decisions about how to grow your business.

Analytics Groundwork Setup

Best For the Service Provider who:




  • All Analytics Groundwork Setup features
  • Initial Strategy Call
  • Creative call
  • Business manager setup call
  • 4 Weeks of done-for-you management 
  • Training portal
  • Avatar Deep Dive Questionnaire 
  • Audience Research
  • Funnel Review 
  • Ad Implementation, Optimization, and Testing
  • Weekly Analytics Reporting and Reviews

  • Has a successful client management system in place (i.e. you’ve developed a smooth client experience)
  • Has the capacity to take on new clients
  • Is willing and able to iterate and experiment until they land on the right formula

If you’re ready to start running ads for your business but need some help getting started, this container has your name on it. At the end of our 6-8 weeks together, you will have a repeatable lead generating system using ads that you can turn on and off as you please! 

Kickstart Your Lead Generation

Best For the Service Provider who:



*The price of an Analytics Groundwork Setup can be applied as a credit towards this total

Starting at $1250 per month, please inquire for a custom quote

  • All Analytics Groundwork Setup + Kickstart Your Lead Generation features
  • Testing
  • Optimizing
  • Reporting
  • Are in a place to hand over the reins of their paid advertising long term so they can be the CEO of their business. 
  • Does not want to manage their ads themselves

If you’ve gone through the Kickstart Your Lead Generation container and/or are in a place to outsource your paid advertising long term, bring me in. As your team member, I’ll create, refine, and implement a paid ads strategy that meets your unique goals.

Ongoing Paid Advertising Support 

Best For the Service Provider who:

03.  Celebrate

Pour yourself something sweet or pop some bubbly—you just invested in the tools, knowledge, and support you need to ignite your business growth using ads! 

02.  Collaborate

Depending on the service package you book, we’ll collaborate in a 3-8 week or ongoing capacity to get your business calibrated for growth using paid ads. 

Fill out my contact form in detail and tell me about yourself, your business, and your needs. I’ll be in touch shortly via email with more information and a link to book a complimentary discovery call. After chatting, we’ll determine if we’re a great fit to work together and move forward with an appropriate contract and invoice. 

01 . Connect

Go from “Where the hell do I start?  ” to “Why the hell did I wait so long?  ”  in three simple steps:


Our partnership is sure to thrive if…


  • You understand that lead generation takes time, and that ads aren’t a quick fix for deeper issues in your business
  • You’re willing and able to consistently measure your marketing efforts as a prerequisite to paid advertising
  • You understand this is a collaborative process that requires mutual respect, input, and energy to see maximum results (aka you get out what you put in, baby!)


Real Estate Agents
Marketing Experts
Client Experience Specialists
Online Business Managers
Brand Studios
Roofing & Remodeling Companies
Cleaning Companies
High-end Landscapers

(...and more!
Ads are for everyone)

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Frequently Asked Questions


I want you to feel crazy confident in your investment:

It depends on your goal (so annoying, right?)! 
-If more visibility is your goal, you can spend around $300 a month and see a dramatic increase in visibility. 
-If lead generation is your goal, I suggest you spend at least $1,000 per month until you have a firm grasp on your lead cost, then you can do as you please. 
-If you’re trying to sell a product to a cold audience, I suggest you spend at least the cost of the product per day. 

+ Do I need a minimum ad spend to see results?

+ How long will it take to see results from my ads?

+ How will I know if my ads are working?

+ Will your services work for service providers who don’t sell digital products?

+ Do you supply the creative (words and photos) part of my ads? Will you teach me how to do that?

It depends (so annoying, right?)! Ads are an iterative process, and measuring your marketing efforts gives you immense leverage when running paid ads.
-If you’re aiming to generate leads, I suggest you stick with them for at least three months. 
-If you’re running ads for a launch, I suggest you iterate each launch cycle. 

+ Do I need a minimum ad spend to see results?

+ How long will it take to see results from my ads?

+ How will I know if my ads are working?

+ Will your services work for service providers who don’t sell digital products?

+ Do you supply the creative (words and photos) part of my ads? Will you teach me how to do that?

The TGM Digital Product Shop

From worksheets to workshops, here you’ll find resources to measure your marketing and up your ads game—without the professional management price tag.




“Working with you has been such a joy! Not only are you a Facebook™ GENIUS! You are able to ask the RIGHT questions to get the brain going! I love your approach of asking questions that lead to good marketing strategy.”

Nice words + nicer results:


 “I felt confused and overwhelmed, like I was missing out on data to inform my decisions. Thanks to your expertise, I now feel confident in my ability to keep track of the right data to achieve my goals!”

Nice words + nicer results:


“If you're looking to start a FB ads campaign with a kind, honest, heart-centered ads manager, look no further than Rebecca. Working with is like having a true team member who is just as focused on the success of your business as you are.”

Nice words + nicer results:


“Rebecca can not only connect with you on a personal level, but she gets business. She understands the journey a client or prospect needs to come on with you to be a client for life. She is constantly honing her craft which makes working with her exciting at all times.”

Nice words + nicer results: