A Seamless Start: How Shaunda Gained Her First 1000 Newsletter Subscribers with ‘Kickstart Your Lead Generation’

Shaunda is the Head Creative at the Soul Food Pot.

With Kickstart Your Lead Generation, I worked with Shaunda grow her email list to her first 1000 newsletter subscribers and increase growth in her Facebook group!

In just 6 weeks she

  • Had grown her email list with her first 1000 newsletter subscribers!
  • Gained 592 Facebook™ Group members!
Shaunda's journey to her first 1000 newsletter subscribers

At the beginning of our Meta ads journey we had to shake out some tech issues, we spent time ensuring Shaunda was the primary owner of her Facebook page. 

We tested three images and three versions of copy. 

We tested two audiences, both which produced leads cost effectively! 

Shaunda chose to step back from ads so that she could build a digital product to add into her funnel.

Here’s what Shaunda had to say about her experience…

“ I’m thrilled with your work!!

The ads are doing great – and I thank you for all your hard work on it! I love the progress that’s been made for my Fb group and page. The members are enjoying the group, asking questions, and engaging!

I love everything that you’ve done to lift my new site and club, and I can’t wait to work with you again!”

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