How Fran Found Clarity in Her Marketing Data!

Fran is a Client Experience Architect. 

When Fran came to me she felt like she wasn’t using her website analytics to their fullest potential and was manually tracking everything (adding it to a spreadsheet each month). 

She wanted an easy-to-decipher analytics dashboard and was ready to hand over creation! 

With the Marketing Analytics Groundwork service, I worked with Fran to design an analytics dashboard that contained marketing metrics that are important to her business growth, without any unnecessary fluff. 

Together we created an analytics dashboard that allowed Fran to track:

  • Where her website traffic is coming from 
  • What conversion events are happening on her website
  • What her most visited website pages are 
  • Which keywords are driving traffic to her website 
  • Multiple lead funnel traffic and conversion sources
  • Lead funnel conversion rates
  • Sales traffic and conversion sources
  • Sales funnel conversion rates

By the end of our time together, Fran had a better understanding of which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t and knowledge about where her conversions are coming from so that she knows where she should be focusing her marketing energy!

What Fran had to say…

“Now I can see data from my website, and not just any data, the data that is actually going to be helpful for me in tracking progress toward my goals.

Having your expertise to tell me what metrics I may want to be tracking based on what my goals are AND having the dashboard set up for me!

I literally look at it almost every day because I love being able to see where my conversions are coming from!”

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