How Kristen Streamlined Her Marketing with Analytics

Kristen provides System and Launch Support.

Kristen knew that she needed a game plan to reach prospective clients, but wasn’t sure where to focus her efforts. 

She is a mom of 3 with limited time and needs to know exactly where to invest her energy. 

“I’d love to keep experimenting but I don’t have an unlimited amount of time to spend on marketing, so I want to know where to focus my energy!”

Kristen booked a Marketing Analytics Groundwork Setup so that she has the ability to look at all her marketing data in one place and use her data to make decisions about how to spend her time and scale her business. 

Kristen felt like the most valuable part of her Marketing Analytics Groundwork Setup was

 “Now data doesn’t feel scary now! My dashboard breaks everything down into easily digestible, easy-to-understand charts. Plus, it’s pretty to look at!”

Now Kristen will be able to stop guessing which marketing efforts are working for her and make informed decisions based on data! 

What Kristen had to say about her experience:

“Rebecca is an amazing human. Not only is she kind and funny, but she has an innate ability to explain complicated things to you in a very uncomplicated way. 

Her approach to marketing is more holistic and human centered – she really tries to get to you know you as a person to determine which strategies would work best for you.”

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