Kristen’s Journey: From ‘Gram Overwhelm to Email List Growth!

Meet my client Kristen! 

Kristen is an Online Business Manager & Certified Launch Manager (need a little organization in your biz -check her out). 

Kristen and I worked together via my Kickstart Your Lead Generation package, a 6 week done-with-you paid advertising program. 

Kristen came to me because she was feeling overwhelmed with the ‘gram and was ready to grow her email list.

So we got to work!

When we started working together in April of 2022 Kristen had 19 email subscribers.

During our testing process we validated a lead magnet that brought leads into her business at a reasonable cost. Once we established a cost per lead Kristen was able to spend on the ads as she sees fit. 

Kristen’s leads cost on average $2.30!

Now she has a solid way to pump up the lead volume when necessary! Kristen’s list has grown to almost 1,000 humans! 

Here’s what Kristen had to say about her experience:

“If you’re looking to start a FB ads campaign with a kind, honest, heart centered ads manager, look no further than Rebecca”

More words from Kristen… 

What was most important to you when hiring an Ads Manager?:

“That I work with someone I can trust – since I don’t know much about Facebook/IG ads AT ALL, I needed to know that I would be working with someone who had my best interests in mind!”

Prior to hiring me, what was your biggest concern about outsourcing your ads?:

“That it wouldn’t work – that I would spend money on ads and have nothing to show for it. Making the investment was scary!”

Was there anything about working with me that surprised you?:

“I was (pleasantly!) surprised that you were so respectful of my ads budget. Honestly, I would have never known that my ads were costing too much until you told me. I would have been content just to run through my budget in a shorter amount of time, not really knowing what FB ads “should” be costing. You took the initiative to turn off my ads when they became too expensive and then took the extra step to figure out a different type of ad that came in at a much lower cost.”

Want to learn a bit more about what it takes to get started with paid advertising on Facebook™ and Instagram™?

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