Blog Writer Natalie’s Secret Weapon: A Custom Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Natalie is a Blog & Email Writer. 

When Natalie came to me, she had just launched her new website and wanted to get more serious about tracking her marketing efforts, so that she could know where her traffic and conversions were coming from. 

In the Marketing Analytics Groundwork Setup, I worked with Natalie to create a simple system that made looking at her numbers and marketing data not so scary, by creating a custom marketing analytics dashboard just for her!

Here’s a list of the things that I did to make that happen:

  • Ensured her Google Analytics and was installed, setup, and tracking property 
  • Set up Facebook Business Manager and installed her Facebook Pixel 
  • Made sure each of her pages on her website were being indexed by Google, with the help of Google Search Console 
  • Created key events in her Google Analytics to monitor conversions on her website 
  • Built an easy to read custom marketing analytics dashboard, with Google Looker Studio, so that she can see what marketing efforts are driving her traffic and conversions 

After working together, Natalie now has the tools she needs to truly know what’s working in her business, so she can do MORE of what works and LESS of what isn’t.

Natty says

“If data, numbers, or analytics scare you, HIRE REBECCA! She makes it all so simple and easy to understand and actually makes data feel EXCITING to look at! Not only that, but she answers all of your questions so thoroughly, goes above and beyond when explaining things, and is extremely prompt in her work.”

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