The Least Intimidating Way To Track Your Marketing Metrics On A Consistent Basis

Maybe the thought of beginning to track your marketing metrics makes you want to stick your head in the sand like this fella..

The thought of measuring your marketing metrics makes you want to stick your head in the sand - a visual.

You know it’s important, but it makes you a little sweaty? 

There is a way to track your marketing metrics in an easeful way! 

Let’s chat about it! We’ll walk through what a metric is, how you should even measure them, what to track and HOW. 

What is a metric, you say? And how can it relate to my marketing?

Oxford Languages defines metric as a method of measuring something, or the results obtained from this. 

The “something” is the piece that we can relate to marketing. The “something” can be any action that you take in the act of marketing and/or selling inside of your business. 

Why should you even track your marketing metrics?

How good would it feel if you knew exactly what was driving revenue to your business? What if you knew what levers to pull to generate conversations ‘cause we know conversations lead to cash! 

Pretty good, I bet! 

That’s the power of tracking your marketing efforts.

The ability to conserve your resources – time, money, and energy! 

I know, I know. Data, yuck! 🤮 Numbers aren’t most humans favorite thing.

I find the beauty in rolling around with your numbers is that it allows you to take your power back! 

None of us started our business to be tied to a desk all day long in meetings, or to feel like we can’t go to sleep until we post on IG, or that we MUST respond to that client immediately. 

We started our businesses for options! 

And that’s exactly what knowing what’s driving your business forward gives you!

Convinced? Great! 

But maybe now you’re wondering…

How the heck do you track your marketing metrics anyways? Better yet, what metrics should you track?

Simply put, you identify the actions that you think might be driving your business forward, identify metrics that relate to those actions,  and record them so that you can take action based on the patterns.

Often we can feel like all the metrics are important and that we should track everything that we can track,  but fortunately metrics aren’t like Pokemon – we don’t gotta track them all! 

When you begin measuring your marketing metrics it’s totally cool to start small. 

You can begin by identifying one metric for each of the touchpoints in your client journey below! 

Choose one visibility metric!
Think about the most effective way that you get in front of new humans right now.
Example: Instagram? Blogs? Pinterest? Do people find your website via SEO?

Choose one first touch point metric!
Think about how you generally have the first contact with your potential clients.
Example: Is this a DM? Is this a services pages visit to your website?

Choose one booking metric!
Think about how clients normally let you know that they want to work with you.
Example: Is this a sales call? A call or text from your Google My Business Profile? A DM, if you don’t take sales calls?

Choose one Nurture metric!
Think about how you currently nurture leads that aren’t ready to work together just yet.
Example: Is this email? Podcast downloads? Youtube impressions?

Still not sure which ones make sense for your business? I’ve got your covered

Tracking your marketing metrics doesn’t have to be complicated! 

Simple tools you can use to track your marketing metrics 

The most important things about measuring your marketing are that 

  • You compare apples to apples – think, measuring in the same way each time. Sewist don’t switch between centimeters and inches. 
  • You pick metrics that matter to YOUR business. 
  • You choose a system to track and analyze that works for YOUR brain! 

Not sure how to choose a system that works for you? Spend some time thinking about how you best consume information. 

Are you a spreadsheet girlie? 

Create a simple google sheet to record your marketing metrics! 

Does Notion have your heart? 

Build a system that works for you there! 

Do stories make more sense to you? 

Get yourself an inviting new journal and create a set of journal prompts for yourself!

Need a visually appealing dashboard to put all the pieces together for you?

I gotcha, friend! 

How often should I update my metrics tracker?

It depends! 

Ah, the dreaded it depends! But really, it does! It depends on your preferences and how much volume your metrics are seeing. 

I don’t find that you need to look at your metrics more often than weekly, unless you are inside of a launch – then by allllll means, look at them daily! 

And, if you aren’t in a hurry to make sudden moves, you might decide you prefer to only look at your metrics monthly.

Guess what? That works too! 

Remember, you started your business so you could have OPTIONS – measuring your metrics is no different.

As a rule of thumb, I’d say the quicker you’d like to take action from your data (taking volume into account) the more you need to look at your metrics. 

What do I mean by volume?

You can’t measure something that isn’t moving, so by volume I mean are you taking the actions that would move the metrics you are attempting to measure?
Example: you are measuring traffic from your social profiles. Are you posting often enough to determine how your posts are performing? Are your posts being seen by enough humans to determine if your posts are performing?

I know the thought of tracking your marketing metrics might feel uncomfy. It’s scary to think that you might come face to face with finding out something you think is driving your business just isn’t doing it’s job. 

I’d like to offer a reframe. 

What if..

  • You find out that the thing you are only doing because you think you “should” isn’t doing anything for you so you can stop! 
  • You find out the thing you love to do, but weren’t sure was doing anything for ya, is impacting your business in a really positive way so you can do more of what you enjoy! 
  • You can decide what to put down without losing tons of momentum, so you can breathe! 

How freeing would that feel?

The best way to make that happen for yourself is to track your marketing metrics! 

Here are 3 Steps you can take to track your marketing metrics today:

  1. Decide which 4 metrics you’d like to begin tracking 
  2. Develop a simple system that works for you
  3. Take action to create movement in your metrics 

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