What is a Marketing Analytics Dashboard? (And Why Might You Want One?)

What do you do when you get in your car headed on vacation?

You crank it, adjust your seat and mirrors, put your seat belt on, make sure everything is functioning properly, and turn on the GPS, right?

You wouldn’t head someone you’ve never been before without a GPS (or map, if you’re old school – same concept applies) would you?

So, why might you “drive” your business without a GPS so to speak?

In my opinion, a marketing analytics dashboard is the ultimate GPS for your business!

If you’ve never heard of a Marketing Analytics Dashboard before, you might wonder, “what the heck is that?!”

In this blog post, you’ll learn what exactly a dashboard like this is and more importantly, why should you consider having one in your arsenal!

Let’s dive in.

What is a Marketing Analytics Dashboard?

In the same way, it’s so important to have a GPS on vaca, it’s imperative to know what’s driving your business. 

A marketing analytics dashboard is a GPS for your business. A tool that consolidates your various marketing data points into a visually digestible format. 

Imagine, a one stop shop for marketing metrics that matter for your business. 

One that tells you…

  • Where your website traffic is coming from 
  • What conversion events are happening on your website
  • What your most visited website pages are 
  • Which keywords are driving traffic to your website 
  • Lead funnel traffic sources and conversion rates 
  • Sales traffic and conversion sources with conversion rates

How can a marketing analytics dashboard help improve my business?

We’ve all been there – digging through on platform analytics! (Instagram whyyyyy don’t you give us the juice!?)

Exhausting, right?

In the world of online service businesses, the real challenge isn’t just marketing your business, but figuring out where your time is best spent. 

Instead of wading through an endless sea of data, a marketing analytics dashboard cuts through the noise and takes your marketing data from a confusing jumbled mess into actionable insights. 

A marketing analytics dashboard isn’t just about smarter marketing – it’s your ticket to reclaiming your time, money, and energy from tedious, ineffective marketing tasks.

What does a marketing analytics dashboard include?

A marketing analytics dashboard includes key metrics, or more commonly called key performance indicators (KPI’s). 

If you’ve heard that term before, but really aren’t sure what it means, a key performance indicator is ​​a quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of an organization, employee, etc. in meeting objectives for performance.

My take on key performance indicators – they are the ones that matter for your business! 

They are individual, unique to your business. The analytics you track won’t look like your biz besties (unless, of course, you operate your businesses in exactly the same way!)

The true value of a Marketing Analytics Dashboard is best understood through real-life stories. Let’s take a look at the journeys of Kristen and Fran, two entrepreneurs who transformed their marketing strategies with the help of a marketing analytics dashboard.

Kristen is a busy entrepreneur and mother of three who utilized our Marketing Analytics Groundwork Setup to bring together her scattered marketing data. 

This not only saved her valuable time, but also offered clear insights into her marketing performance, so that she can stop guessing which marketing effort is working for her and start making informed decisions based on data! 

Use quote function: “Data doesn’t feel scary now! My dashboard breaks everything down into easily digestible and easy to understand charts. Plus, it’s pretty to look at!”

A compilation of Kristen's Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Fran, a Client Experience Architect, purchased a Marketing Analytics Groundwork Setup because she knew she wasn’t using her website analytics to their fullest potential and manually tracking everything (adding it to a spreadsheet each month). She found that to be tedious to keep up with and that it didn’t display the data in a way that was helpful for her.

Now that she can see her data she can track the progress towards her goals. Her marketing analytics dashboard allows her to have a better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t, along with where her conversions are coming from so that she knows where she should be focusing her time, money, and energy. 

Quote function: “Having your expertise to tell me what metrics I may want to be tracking based on what my goals are AND having the dashboard set up for me! I literally look at it almost every day because I love being able to see where my conversions are coming from!

A compilation of Fran's Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Now that you understand how beneficial marketing analytic dashboards can be you might be wondering what you can do with a marketing analytics dashboard.

How can I use a dashboard to identify trends and forecast future performance?

The question isn’t just what a Marketing Analytics Dashboard can do – it’s what it can do for YOU. 

A Marketing Analytics Dashboard does more than just report numbers. It tells a story and helps you spot trends and patterns, so that you can adapt your strategy in real time.

For instance:
You might discover that a particular social media campaign is driving a significant amount of traffic to your website, so you lean into that platform or messaging angle.

Or you might notice that you are spending tons of your time on Instagram stories or pinning to Pinterest and neither of those efforts are producing traffic to your website.

When you have clarity around your marketing efforts, you can accurately adjust your output by spending your resources on something that is driving your traffic! 

How does a marketing analytics dashboard support decision-making processes? 

A marketing analytics dashboard acts as a GPS which allows you to see the path forward. 

Being reliant on facts, and not just vibes, is instrumental in making the best use of your time, money, and energy. 

Unlike traditional reports or spreadsheets, a dashboard is dynamic, often real-time, and tailored to highlight the information most crucial to your business goals.

Here are a few reasons why a marketing analytics dashboard might be exactly what you need:

  • Drowning in data? Tired of spending time sifting through spreadsheets? Eliminate unnecessary numbers, by only monitoring the metrics that matter to your business growth. 
  • Have no clue what’s working? Use your dashboard to see what is driving your traffic AND conversion. 
  • Ready to make informed decisions about your resources – time, money, and energy? Monitor what’s driving your revenue growth with a dashboard. 
  • Need to know where you are losing your customers in their journey? Keep a pulse on your conversion rates with a dashboard. 

How to build  your marketing analytics dashboard 

Understanding the impact of a Marketing Analytics Dashboard is one thing, but implementing it effectively is another. 

This is where Three Groves Marketing steps in to meet you where you are! 

A Website Traffic Dashboard template might be for you if…

  • You just want to know where your website traffic is coming from.
  • You feel comfortable setting up Google Analytics 4 Events and installing the template yourself (with pre-recorded guidance).
  • You are just getting started leaning into data.

A custom marketing analytics dashboard might be for you if….

  • You feel like your can’t make heads or tails of your data. 
  • You are ready to actually understand what marketing efforts work for you and what doesn’t. 
  • You are ready to get serious about taking action on your data.
  • You’d like to keep experimenting with your marketing but don’t have an unlimited amount of time to spend on marketing so you want to know where to focus your energy.
  • You want to understand your conversion rates and see where you are loosing people inside of your funnels.

Imagine sipping your favorite coffee while your dashboard does the heavy lifting, showing you what’s working and what’s not. 

Ready to get cozy with your data? Whether you choose a ready-to-use dashboard template or a custom dashboard build – marketing analytic dashboards make life easier, more efficient, and a lot more fun. 

Three Groves Marketing is here to help you set it up – just call me your dashboard fairy godmother. 🧚‍♀️ I wave a magic wand (aka do the techy things that many people are scared of) and deliver you a dashboard that isn’t just pretty to look at, but also delivers real time data that can drive your marketing decisions!  

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